Remembering Steve Jobs – Leading through vision as theater

Stories abound on the internet on Jobs as the Showman, the uncompromising visionary, and the “oversees every detail” obsessive.  There will go on to be volumes (or dare I say, gigabytes,) written about his leadership style, including mostly great reviews, along with many not so positive ones, evaluating his style and personality.

I think that anyone can be visionary.   Seeing what is around the corner in your industry or interest area is something that can be a function of listening to others, as well as focus and time spent paying attention to stimuli.  However, translating the vision into your style through leading a team and inspiring others to join you is not everyone’s first instinct.

Make and dent the universe, make things insanely great, think different!  These were not just advertising slogans or messaging lines.  Steve believed.  He moved millions of people to action, and he did it, most notably with flair and creativity, style and substance.  This also can be learned.  I think for many, it’s about courage to get up, put yourself out there, and be willing to bring emotion and to create emotion with your audience.  In our Maga ecosystem of federal agencies, technology and consulting organizations, there is a LOT of room for a little Steve in our day.

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