Innovation Excellence | What I Like about Maps

Scott explains: What is it about maps and their superpowers?

Last week Maga’s CEO, Scott Williams authored a piece featured in Innovation Excellence’s blog, explaining the extent to which maps have and always will hold a certain type of superpower — the ability to overcome complexity.

Under Scott’s guidance, Maga has produced hundreds of maps with a dynamic range of organizations and cultures — further confirming their unique ability to efficiently add clarity and focus.

In his own words:

By presenting a visual reference for what is and what is to be, any audience, at a glance, can overcome “Death by PowerPoint” with a single jump, on a single page. What busy person doesn’t want that?

We have found that single-page maps can be useful learning tools for complex scenarios such as installing new IT platforms, launching new products, or even explaining how missions get formed at National Geographic. They can also be a lot of fun for those creating them.

Read the rest here!

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