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Seeing Race Achievements

One of our Magateers, Meredith, ran the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race on Sunday.  Instead of just the traditional finish time and photo crossing the finish line, the Cherry Blossom organizers generated a click-through infographic for each racer’s statistics.

Check out the stats – Meredith finished ahead of 76% of all racers.  Running an average of  7.1 in an hour, and an average mile time of 8 minutes 26 seconds, she’s pretty speedy!  The second screen shows how Meredith did compared to the rest of the pack, and the third screen shows where along the course Meredith was when different winners crossed the finish line – Division, Overall First Place, and First Female.

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It’s a pretty cool evolution of race statistics, actually showing you how you did compared to others instead of just your own statistics.

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