Smart Homes, 3D TVs, Self-Driving Cars… What’s Next?

As we settle into 2013, there’s no escaping speculation of what the year has in store. These days, the conversation is increasingly dominated by technological developments and anticipation of new innovations. In light of this reality, Fast Company debuted a thought provoking, interactive graphic — Envisioning Emerging Technology for 2012 and Beyond — earlier this year.

The graphic gives viewers an appreciation of how rapidly technology has developed recently and the very real probability that such development is bound to intensify. For instance, it speculates that the global online population will grow from today’s approximately 2 billion to 4-5 billion in 2019 while the volume of connected devices will simultaneously grow from approximately 10 billion to 30-50 billion.

As you scroll down the graphic, you’ll notice that Fast Company also posits that a space elevator, climate engineering and artificial retinas could all be a reality within the next 30 years. So what do you think? Will 2013 really bring us closer to these technological phenomenons?

Envisioning Emerging Technology

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