The Best Design Blogs to Follow on Medium

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We asked our team what their favorite design blog publications are, and they came up with quite the list!

Following the trend of Tumblr and WordPress as leading blog publishing platforms, Medium rises as a force to be reckoned with. It hosts a huge following, ranging topics from established corporate entities and publishing firms to startups and growth hackers.

Our top picks cull submissions from all around the world, from designers of all backgrounds and professional levels, to bring you the very best of best practices for modern design in a digital age. At Maga Design, our team loves these publications to access professional training, reflections on experiential learning, a lab for creative ideas, and editorials from the experts.


Dear Design Student

Dispelling the myth that design school teaches you everything you need to be prepared for a job in the real world, ‘Dear Design Student’ gives motivation, inspiration, and advice for fresh talent in the industry.

Our top pick: 10 Things You Need to Learn in Design School if You’re Tired of Wasting Your Money


Ideo CoLab

Ideo has several publications on Medium. The CoLab explores collaboration between prototyping research and design technology. Find great stories about inspiring innovation and collaboration on the product design floor.

Our top pick: R&D for the Current Age


Frog Design

The latest and greatest from beloved design and strategy firm, frog, from San Francisco by way of Germany.

Our top pick: Chief Executives Learn to Innovate by Thinking Like Designers


Ideo Stories

A monumental mainstay on Medium, Ideo’s largest publication focuses on stories from innovators within the industry, growth hacking booms and busts, and wistful ideations.

Our top pick: Be the Leader You Wish You Had


RGA by Design

From the strategists and creatives at R/GA, their publication covers topics from social impact design to building millennial brands, and doesn’t miss a beat in between.

Our top pick: Combatting Unconscious Bias in Design



All about brand storytelling for those who want understanding on how market trends are affecting their work.

Our top pick: Why Complex Storytelling is Thriving in a Digital Age



Branding behemoth Huge, Inc., brings its inventive new blog platform, Magenta, to Medium, with a bang.

Our top pick: How Steven Heller Redefined the Design Industry


The Design Team

An addicting and entertaining journey through Silicon Valley design startup land told through the story of Junior Designer, Petunia.

Our top pick: How to Pretend You’re a Great Designer


Thinking Design

Insights, notes, and pick-me-ups from the completely defensible “people who obsess over design”.

Our top pick: From Form to Function, Our Thoughts on Design are Changing


SAP Design

The experts at SAP Design offer end to end design innovation advice not limited to its signature UI technology suite, but also about enterprise design and business strategy (to name a few!).

Our top pick: Does All Design Need to be Intuitive?