Election Coverage 2012

Election coverage usually features a great deal of punditry, commentary, and far-too-early predictions of how states will go. Last night’s coverage didn’t disappoint.  Flipping between major networks, including CNN, Fox, and MSNBC, viewers were treated to a multitude of interactive and real-time updated visuals and the accompanying commentary. Continue reading Election Coverage 2012

Still Undecided on Election Day? Google It.

Happy Election Day, America! If you happen to still be undecided as you head to the polls today or are just curious what trends are emerging as the day unfolds.. don’t fret! Google created a neat, one stop, ‘Politics & Election’ resource that aggregates up to the minute data on: voter info, trends and results.

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The “You Decide” Election

With the 2012 Republic National Convention wrapping up, the Democratic National Convention gearing up, and Hurricane Isaac still hitting the Gulf Coast, the election coverage continues to gain momentum.

The big question:  Who will win?  Will Obama be re-elected to another 4 years in the Oval Office, or will he be upstaged by Mitt Romney his running mate, Paul Ryan?  If you’re as politics-obsessed as we are Washington, DC, you probably want to be able to access the newest commentary and analyses at the tap of a screen. With the newest election apps for iPad, Android and Facebook, you can create your own forecasts, keep track of red and blue states, and determine how campaign advertisements are being funded and by who.  To help out we have collected five apps to help you dive into the deep end of the election coverage. Continue reading The “You Decide” Election