Map O’ The Day #160 – WHO H1N1 Maps


I created todays map of the day from the 5 most recent maps provided at the World Health Organization’s web site. The descriptions of the scale of measurments are shown in the bottom right corner of each map, denoted by an *.

You can follow their latest disease and outbreak news including the H1N1 feed, here.

Map O’ The Day #157 – Antigenic Shift


Today’s MOTD comes as a result of doing some internal site research and seeing that MOTD #67 – Piggy Trouble is a Google number 1 hit for the term H1N1 Infographic. I posted that article more as a design piece than as to be used for reference material, as the sources are not sound.

In order to provide some better sourced information graphics about H1N1, I posted this graphic about antigenic shift, a concept that was foreign to me before. I hope to post some more educational minded H1N1 graphics in the future, so please continue to check our site.

For more information check out the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, where this article came from.

Map O’ The Day #67 – Piggy Trouble


Today’s MOTD is a proper comprehensive infographic about the H1N1 virus. This map is truly unique because designer, RAJ, used a black background and vibrant ‘pig’ pink to pull the reader through the map from left to right, while reinforcing the overall theme.

The excellent use of multi-variant data sets is not lost in the black either. There are examples of timelines, gauges, diagram cross sections, geographic maps and iconology. All of these elements seamlessly describe the history of the illness, details about how it spreads and treatment techniques in humans.

This ‘blackboard’ technique is gaining popularity and has been integrated into cartoons as well as many other mediums of art.