34 College Bowl Games Later, it’s Time for the Championship!

Almost a month after this season’s first bowl game kickoff in New Mexico, it’s finally time for the highly anticipated Notre Dame – Alabama championship matchup. Unlike most other NCAA-sponsored sports, college football’s postseason does not utilize a traditional tournament to establish a champion but, rather, a bowl game system. What’s interesting is that the number of bowl games has grown substantially since the first 1902 Rose Bowl — most notably over the past few decades. ESPN recently featured an interesting infographic that effectively illustrates this trend.

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Goodbye 2012, Hello New Resolution?

There is no doubt that throughout this final weekend of 2012, many will begin to contemplate New Year’s resolutions. Whether it be a reflection on how they fared in keeping 2012’s goals, what they hope to change in 2013 or if they will even bother with it all this year… there is no escaping the consideration of resolutions.

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Visualizing Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility in the form of sustainability and community outreach has always been an important focus of Maga. We pride ourselves on the integration of energy efficient technology throughout our offices and production of our maps and we work closely with local charities that are important to our employees and clients. In an effort to determine how we can grow these initiatives, we recently began pursuing an interesting trend — the visualization of corporate social responsibility (CSR) metrics.

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