FY 2013 Budget Visualized


President Obama has released his FY 2013 budget to Congress, and they are in the process of reviewing it and creating a budget resolution.  To help illustrate the President’s funding priorities and the changes in funding from last year to this year, the New York Times has an excellent interactive visualization of the 2013 budget.

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Seeing Jobs Gained and Lost, 2004-2011

This interactive infographic from Tips Strategies shows the net jobs gained and lost from 2004-2011.  Using green circles for jobs gained and red circles for jobs lost, the graphic visualizes the economic boom and bust leading up to 2008-2009, and the “rock bottom” moment in 2009 when jobs were being lost in huge volumes nationwide.   It even shows a large drop in the amount of jobs in and around New Orleans as one of the effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Continue reading Seeing Jobs Gained and Lost, 2004-2011

FedEx visualizes the world

Usually, our perception of the nations of the  world is based on the well-known globe, showing each country according to its real geographic dimensions.  What if, instead of purely geographic dimensions, we visualized countries based on how much they invest in education, or the amount they export to the rest of the world?  FedEx has developed a tool that shows the world and its countries sized proportionally according to different metrics.  The tool looks at several categories, including Education, Research and Development, and Energy Use and Development. Continue reading FedEx visualizes the world

Map o’ The Week: NYTimes Tags

This week’s map is an interactive tool that comes from journalism.co.uk.  The tool shows the relative number of instances people use particular tags.  These tags are associated with articles of various subjects that New York Times journalists are writing about, and are depicted in this interactive tool using brightly colored bubbles, clear lines, and a plain black background. Continue reading Map o’ The Week: NYTimes Tags

Google Globe Visualizes Search Volume by Language

This visual, a Google Chrome experiment, captures Google Search volumes by language around the globe.  If you go to the interactive site, you can rotate the globe and see the searches clustered by language in different countries and continents. Continue reading Google Globe Visualizes Search Volume by Language