What is Skeuomorphism?

Skeuomorphism is a mouthful of a word, that’s for sure. If you’ve read any reviews for the newly redesigned iPhone interface in iOS 7, you’ve probably seen it pop up. Pronounced “skew-a-morph-ism”, it concept of design that makes an object imitate the look or feel of another. Continue reading What is Skeuomorphism?

Maps as Social Media

There is a lot of internet flack regarding mapping applications on the iPhone operating system, with Google maps validated as the best option. Now, Mashable brings us news of Plotter, an iPhone app that allows users to capitalize on social media networking to get better information. Continue reading Maps as Social Media

A Few of Our Favorite Apps

Here at Maga we can’t help but be obsessed with apps (really though.. who isn’t?). In fact, beyond being obsessed, exchanging reviews of design apps, news apps, social media apps and even prankster apps might be one of our favorite pastimes. So today I decided it was time to inquire about which apps are the studio’s favorite.

Continue reading A Few of Our Favorite Apps