Design in Online Journalism

When media companies began moving online over the past decade, they opened up a whole new realm of ways to tell a story. Some of the tools inherently built in to the online platform have already seen widespread adoption. Links now appear in nearly every article on the web (even this one). Continue reading Design in Online Journalism

Move over Google? Facebook Search is Here

Facebook has already cornered the market of social media and made a huge impact on the way people use the Internet, but yesterday the company unveiled a new feature called “Graph Search,” which will now change the way we think about Internet queries. This new feature allows you to search across your friends’ timelines for music, books, restaurants, photos; you name it!

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Election Coverage 2012

Election coverage usually features a great deal of punditry, commentary, and far-too-early predictions of how states will go. Last night’s coverage didn’t disappoint.  Flipping between major networks, including CNN, Fox, and MSNBC, viewers were treated to a multitude of interactive and real-time updated visuals and the accompanying commentary. Continue reading Election Coverage 2012

Downloading Knowledge, Matrix-style

A recent discovery has found that it is possible to learn new tasks and skills with little to no conscious effort through fMRI manipulation, also called decoded neurofeedback.  Instantaneous learning like this occurs in the movie The Matrix, in which the characters literally download knowledge straight to their brains, and become experts in, for example, kung fu, or learn how to fly a helicopter.

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