Method of Storytelling

Storytelling has branched out over the years to encompass many mediums of communication.  What was once passed down from word of mouth has been written down, interpreted by dance, put to music, and even described through pictures.  Maga’s maps have many story telling capabilities but today we want to focus on an article from Web Designer Depot‘s Benjie Moss on storytelling in images and Hurricane Sandy. Continue reading Method of Storytelling

Media for the Masses, by the Masses

There are millions of reviews online on everything from doctors to clothing to dog breeds.  These reviews are often written by the average consumer who wanted to document a good or bad purchasing experience.  This movement toward media being controlled by the individual consumer is a very recent social phenomenon called groundswell that has been featured in a book called Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. Continue reading Media for the Masses, by the Masses

Amateur Graphic Recording – Visual Notes from Blogwell

At the BlogWell conference two weeks ago, we tried our hand at graphical note-taking during some of the sessions.  Here are a few highlights from our efforts.

Delta Airlines leads the way in customer contact – the airline has a Twitter handle specifically for dealing with customers in crisis, among other efforts. Continue reading Amateur Graphic Recording – Visual Notes from Blogwell