Social Media Alert! New Tools to Share Videos, Explore Your Personality

You may have thought the social media space was already saturated with the substantial variety of platforms in operation.. but you’d be wrong! Last week Vine Labs, a New York City startup recently acquired by Twitter, launched an application which allows users to create and share looping videos. While earlier this month, ArchetypeMe developed a site which features a quiz to determine individuals’ archetypes — essentially a personality blueprint — that then generates personalized websites and feeds to be shared with friends.

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5/1/11 Twitter Traffic

On the evening of President Obama’s announcement that Osama bin Laden had been killed, Twitter traffic went off the charts.  First, newspapers emailed news alerts announcing that the president was making a speech about a topic of “an undisclosed nature”, which catapulted the speculation of the blogosphere. Continue reading 5/1/11 Twitter Traffic

Map O’ The Day #71 – The Hump Of Irrelevance


Today’s MOTD addresses something that I don’t full understand, trending topics on Twitter. The place where i get caught up is, once a topic starts to trend people begin asking why its trending, thus perpetuating the cycle. The people talking about talking about the topic make up ‘the hump of irrelevance’.

Credit to Meg Pickard. The original can be found here, and is linked to the image.