Maga hosted a graphic facilitation secession, led by Jim Nuttle, on Friday.  A graphic facilitation secession is an interesting exercise which tests your brain’s ability to put ideas and concepts into easy to understand visuals.  During this activity Jim played TedTalk recordings while the designers put concepts and ideas in visual form.

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Comparing Paid Maternity Leave

This nifty donut infographic from ThinkProgress compares maternity leave in the U.S. to other countries around the world.

The bold colors and geographic country shape add depth to this graphic, and the black of the US is a stark, dark contrast to the other countries.

On the high end, Canada, our nearest international neighbor, provides 50 weeks of Maternity leave.  On the low end, Pakistan provides 12 weeks. The U.S., however, provides a dismal zero weeks.  Looks like we still have a ways to go.

NFL Players According to Sports Center Mentions

The New York Times featured this visualization showing football players sized according to the number of times they were mentioned on Sports Center.

Tim Tebow was clearly a conversation favorite, with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as other popular topics.  There is also the tracker at the bottom that shows the weekly mentions of each player, and specific incidents that arose and were discussed.  It’s an interesting take on sports data.