What We’re Reading

In addition to the surplus of whiteboard surfaces, reading nooks, call rooms and festive decor (alright, maybe we love everything), one of the most popular features in the new Maga studio space is our library.  The incorporation of design, creative process, business and sociology literature has become an integral source of inspiration for the Maga crew. We’re fortunate that there is no shortage of thoughtful, design minded texts and we look forward to sharing our favorites with you!

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Valentine’s Day Visualizations

On this special chocolate-and-sappy-greeting-card filled day, we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day infographics and visualizations. February 14th continues to generate a significant amount of graphics — illustrating anything from how to avoid bad dates, popular Valentine’s travel destinations, spending trends, the history of certain customs and so much more.

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Visualizing Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility in the form of sustainability and community outreach has always been an important focus of Maga. We pride ourselves on the integration of energy efficient technology throughout our offices and production of our maps and we work closely with local charities that are important to our employees and clients. In an effort to determine how we can grow these initiatives, we recently began pursuing an interesting trend — the visualization of corporate social responsibility (CSR) metrics.

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