The ABCs of Maga: A is for “All-Nighter”

If we have done anything in the past (almost) 5 years at Maga, it has been to establish a unique kind of personality and culture.  Founded in the Affinity Lab space in Adams Morgan, Maga’s culture is based on the notion that a creative firm in DC must operate in all kinds of environments (many not that creative), partnerships, customers etc.  We worked hard at the lab, and then later in our own space, to build a company that is dedicated, team-oriented, fun loving…an alternative to the larger, more corporate environments that are strewn across the beltway in the Metro DC region.  We wanted to cultivate a local, walk-to-work mentality, where people would have a bit of the ‘third place’ to find their passion.

We have managed to build a cohesive team where the spirit of ‘chipping in,’ going above-and-beyond for the team, and being willing to pull an ‘All-Nighter’ have not gone away as we have grown and become a more process-oriented company. This company is about the ability to learn on the job and gain a sense of accomplishment from going the extra mile – especially when its not something an employee is expected to do, or accountable for.  These informal contributions to the company’s success preserve the partnerships between us and give folks exposure and access to valuable learning experiences.

This continual thirst for development allows Maga to be both a small business and an incubator for talent in marketing and information design.  Maga’s culture is the number one reason that talented candidates have elected to work with a smaller firm as opposed to a big 3- or 4-letter firm to join our team.  The economy has been tough the past few years.  Contractors have had to adapt as the landscape of federal contracts has shifted drastically.  One of the things that has allowed Maga to grow, while many companies are seeing their revenues diminish, has been the willingness of our employees to participate in the culture of the All-Nighter.


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