The Deal with Apps

Whats the deal with apps?  The iPhone boast 500,000.  Android boasts over 500,00. There are 75,000 apps in the Window Phone Marketplace, Google has 430,000 and the list keeps growing!

There are project management apps, scheduling apps, gaming apps, apps for photos, maps and weather.  There are apps that turn your phone into a flashlight or magazine.  Apps tell you what time to wakeup, what the weather is, how to dress, when to catch the bus, what to eat when you’re at work.  Apps tell you everything! So how do you navigate around this crazy world of apps without feeling like your head over heels in data?

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An article by the Hindustan Times, an Indian English-language newspaper, raises some good points on the topic.  Before you crash and burn in the never-ending app exploration, remember a few points that the author, Rajiv Makhni, points out.

1.  Your smart phone is only as smart as you are.  You are the one who decides what gets installed on it.  Do you have the potential to harness every inch of your phones power and potential?  That sounds like a tall order, and I don’t think I’m up to fulfilling it.

2.  It is a jungle of apps out there.  There are so many apps that even the most avid app finder will tired after a few hundred thousand different options.  If an app wasn’t recommended to us by a friend or isn’t featured there is a very slight chance the general public will find it.

3.  Third, an interesting idea resides in the fatigue that we are causing ourselves with app searching and the subsequent burnout.  Apps are fairly new in technology, but will the next generations of phones and computers start phasing apps out? Makhni predicts that the time of the apps is almost up.  Their technological extinction is inevitable and as companies study our technology usage they may make phones smarter and less dependent on the intelligence of the user.  Most apps last only a few days before the user loses interest and is on to the next app.

You can read the full article here: So Many Apps, So Little Time

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