The Histomap

The Histomap: A Clever View of 4,000 Years of History

After stumbling across this map on Pinterest, the history major in me couldn’t help but be thoroughly impressed with the multidimensional set of data it captured. “The Histomap,” — created by cartographer John Sparks in 1931 — captures the history of major nations and empires over time, relative to the global power they contained.

The Histomap is featured in a recent compilation, Cartographies of Time: A Visual History of the Timelinewhich makes the case that maps such as this are important tools for organizing information in a way that is not subject to the critical analysis of traditional history texts.

As you scroll down, it is interesting to note the increase and decrease in size of various empires over time. Further, the bottom portion of the map effectively conveys how nations such as the United States’ relatively ‘recent’ growth of power compares.

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