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The State of Small Business Employment Around the US

As a small business, Maga is always interested in the growth and development of small businesses. GOOD Magazine, working with UPS, has produced an interactive infographic about small businesses in around the U.S., breaking data down by state.

The graphic allows you to see a high level “bird’s eye” view of each state’s friendliness to new small businesses:

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 11.39.24 AMIn Tennessee, for example, 31% of state employment is by businesses with 99 or fewer employees.

The infographic also shows which states have higher concentrations of small businesses – some are more friendly than others.

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If you click through the infographic, you’ll see two more screens with information about small businesses in the U.S., including grouping the states according to the ease of starting a small business in the state. ¬† For example, Virginia is classified as an “easy” state in which to start a small business. ¬†Unfortunately, the graphic doesn’t include data for D.C., where Maga is located.

Due to the fact that small businesses are said to be the key to economic recovery, data like this becomes especially valuable while the country searches for a permanent road out of the recession and away from the fiscal cliff.



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