Thinking Globally

The Olympics.  They come around every other year (summer and winter games) and always bring intrigue, publicity and new athlete stars to the global fascination with the games.  International competition and the Olympic Village keep the world spellbound to the outcomes of each sport and participant who represents their home country.  This year the London games, which start on Friday, have us in a frenzy of Michael Phelps comebacks, the amazing women’s soccer team and what the opening ceremony and stadium will look like.  Design Made in Germany offers these tantalizing infographics to give you a sneak peak into the Olympic stadium before the games actually start.


I admit, they are in German, but that doesn’t take away any of the perspective and visual impact the images provide.

How can you not admire all the planning, preparation, and effort that had to go into making this happen? Amazing.

Tell us, will you be watching?

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