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Today is the Last Repeating Date until January 1, 2101

How are you celebrating? There is a great deal of warranted commotion around this special date.. which won’t occur again for 89 more years.

An article that appeared in Mashable yesterday suggested a number of events and activities readers could participate in to celebrate this momentous day:

  • The Concert for Sandy Relief: a massive one-night concert featuring Chris Martin, The Rolling Stones, Kanye West, Jon Bon Jovi, among many others to benefit those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Whats more, over 2 billion people will be able to view the concert on 34 stations, 30 websites and movie theaters around the world.
  • One Day on Earth: a crowd sourcing documentary that encourages individuals across the globe to upload footage of their day. The end result is an edited ‘global mosaic’ that showcases an array of diversity, inspiration, conflict and genuine humanity that occurs throughout one day.
  • Finally they suggest a simpler (more annoying) way to celebrate 12/12/12: play “The 12 Days of Christmas” 12 times.

In other news:

  • A boy from Alabama who was born at 12:12 on December 12, 2000 has attracted international attention as he celebrates his 12th birthday today.
  • Western numerology which claims that the number one has masculine traits and number two has complimentary female traits believe this contributed toward today becoming a popular date for couples tying the knot — David’s Bridal estimates that 7,500 brides will marry today.
Closer to home, Maga has a few more reasons to celebrate. In addition to the repeating date, today is also one of our Magateer’s birthdays and our studio’s holiday party. Quite a lot of commotion for a Wednesday!

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