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Visualizing Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility in the form of sustainability and community outreach has always been an important focus of Maga. We pride ourselves on the integration of energy efficient technology throughout our offices and production of our maps and we work closely with local charities that are important to our employees and clients. In an effort to determine how we can grow these initiatives, we recently began pursuing an interesting trend — the visualization of corporate social responsibility (CSR) metrics.

Companies across the globe have been reporting data about their sustainability and social endeavors for decades. That said, the manner in which they visualize this information and, subsequently, convey it to their stakeholders has recently become much more sophisticated. For instance, Whole Foods and Toyota are two companies that not only incorporate diverse visualizations in their respective corporate social responsibility reports, but they also feature creative interactive components on their sites.

So what do companies have to gain through representing their metrics this way? More than you might think. Research shows that — among other things — ¬†effective communication of social responsibility boosts (1) employee morale and retention, (2) enables the integration of greater sustainability in supply chain management and other business processes and (3) influences firms with which they interact to follow suit. The infographic below (produced by CSR blog, YourCause)¬†further illustrates the case for CSR programs and multifaceted benefits — dynamically displayed through creative visualizations.

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