8.29.11 Irene.2

Visualizing Irene

The New York Times created this infographic with three different levels of data about Hurricane Irene’s effects.

Featuring a map of the East Coast of the U.S., this visualization shows the number of power outages throughout the path of the hurricane:

Irene had widespread effects up and down the East Coast, and there are still people without power, several days after the event.

Here is a view of Irene’s predicted and actual rainfall totals:

These weather map visualizations illustrate the breadth of Irene’s effects and give a good idea as to the severity of the storm. ¬†Similar to graphics used in weather forecasting, these infographics are familiar to the eye and easy to interpret. ¬†Irene’s effects are still being felt in many areas of the east coast, including flooded train tracks and basements, and continued loss of power.









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