Visualizing the UK Private Sector

This week’s Visualization comes to us from Phil Nottingham of Distilled via Jasper Martens of  It is an infographic that breaks down the overall profile of private sector in the UK by industry, region, and size based on recent data from the UK’s Office of National Statistics.

The colors illustrate the diversity of industry in the UK, while also emphasizing how important small to medium sized firms are to the UK private sector.  The percentage of enterprises, turnover, and employment is graphically illustrated according to firm size, regional location, and sector.

Here is the break down by industry:

Take a look at the breakdown by company size:

There are a great deal of sole proprietorships, making up at least two thirds, if not three fourths, of the total number of enterprises.  This statistic is highlighted above in the innermost ring, which is mostly yellow.

Taking this data from the Office of National Statistics and working with a designer to display it most effectively, we have a set of economic data that is uniquely visualized.  Instead of bar graphs, we see brightly colored circular and rectangular illustrations of the statistics that highlight the importance of small and medium sized enterprises to the economy, and, in particular, the importance of sole proprietorships.

This kind of data visualization is a great way to make a strong statement about statistics; it is not what people expect.  The graphical illustration and use of color make the statistics much more compelling than a spreadsheet.










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