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Welcome to the Mapping Wars

With Apple and Google in a mapping face-off, consumers and techies alike can only sit in anticipation of the result and take heed as competitors emerge from the shadows.  Just this past week, Nokia put a bid on the mapping war by revealing their own variety, a mapping webpage, iOS, and Android app called HERE.   Nokia’s release merges directions, 3D views, and local restaurant options all in one map.   While Apple and Goole feud and rush to improve their own systems,  Nokia is proving that they have been thinking about maps for a long time.

We wanted to see for ourselves how HERE handled the streets of DC.  Take a look:

When exploring the DC map, the directions work well but they still do not have enough data to support street views and restaurant recommendations.

In one or two instances the map seemed to have a life of its own, zooming in and out of areas while only the blue areas on the map have street views available.

We’re interested to see where this map goes and how it compares to Apple, Google, and Microsoft in the long run.

Want to read more? Fast CompanyTimeForbes and TNW are just a few media outlets that have offered opinions on the newest mapping app.

Microsoft’s Bing, Apple’s map app, Goole Maps, or Nokia’s HERE, what are your thoughts on the newest tech competition?

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