What would it cost to be the Hulk today?

Mashable brings us an infographic from Bob Al-Greene showing what it would cost, in dollars, to be the Hulk when the character was first introduced in 1962 versus what it would take today.

It takes a lot to become the Hulk, as the infographic details, above and beyond the biographical information of Bruce Banner’s upbringing and the accident that created the Hulk alter ego.  In order to get to the point of conducting complex and dangerous experiments, one needs undergraduate and graduate education, much more expensive today than in the 1960s. Residence costs are another factor, as well as the modes of therapy required to alleviate the anger associated with becoming the Hulk.


The cost of new clothes is probably one that is the most unaddressed and least considered – every time Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk, he ruins the clothes he is wearing.  That’s a lot of shopping for a busy business science genius!


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