What’s up with Facebook’s Graph Search?

The Facebook “Graph Search,” released in January was released to the public on Monday. Searching for people has never been easier… or creepier.  Like Google search, the new Facebook search has the ability to plow through seemingly endless data to find exactly what you’re looking for, or in this case, who you are looking for.

The new search engine allows users to do any variety of elaborate or outlandish search. For example, one search could be “people who are 25 years old and like Candy Crush Saga”. Your result would turn up with over 1,000 people and from there you can narrow it down even more. The tumblr Actual Facebook Graph Searches has compiled several of these comical REAL searches.

Facebook Graph Search

It doesn’t stop there either. These searches apply to everything on Facebook. You probably didn’t think much about it when you clicked “like” on a page on Amanda Bynes 5 years ago. Little did you know, in 2013 you would show up on Graph Search as a Facebook user who likes Amanda Bynes. This might get embarrassing for a lot of us!

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