Are Faces Maps of Emotion?

Work is never just about work.  It is also, more importantly, about the people you work with.  At Maga Design we’ve been lucky, even blessed, to work with many special and talented people.  Juraj, one of our senior designers, epitomizes the best of our culture.  He is a great designer and an even greater person.

This evening, as I looked at the gallery he and finance Sheryl generously shared in their multimedia wedding reception invite — images of their travels around the world and each other — I was struck by the happiness and contentment mapped across their faces.

Psychologist Paul Ekman once stated that the face is the screen for emotion.  The emotion evoked by the travels and tales of our two friends, on the eve of their marriage, reminds us what joy really looks like.  Congratulations Sheryl and Juraj!

– Julie Anixter

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