The State of Small Business Employment Around the US

As a small business, Maga is always interested in the growth and development of small businesses. GOOD Magazine, working with UPS, has produced an interactive infographic about small businesses in around the U.S., breaking data down by state. Continue reading The State of Small Business Employment Around the US

Rio +20: Are Collaborative Innovators Taking Over?

4,800 miles away from our Adams Morgan studio, several of the worlds’ most influential delegates, business leaders and activists gathered to discuss progress (or lack thereof) made in the decades since 1992’s UN Conference on Environment and Development. Held in the same location, Rio de Janeiro, Rio+20 appears to have benefited substantially from the emergence of one trend that the original conference lacked – collaborative innovation. Amid a great deal of criticism that the gathering was nothing more than a ‘political charade’, most coverage of +20 agreed that creative collaboration may have been the only real success. In their own words…

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The ABCs of Maga: A is for “All-Nighter”

If we have done anything in the past (almost) 5 years at Maga, it has been to establish a unique kind of personality and culture.  Founded in the Affinity Lab space in Adams Morgan, Maga’s culture is based on the notion that a creative firm in DC must operate in all kinds of environments (many not that creative), partnerships, customers etc.  We worked hard at the lab, and then later in our own space, to build a company that is dedicated, team-oriented, fun loving…an alternative to the larger, more corporate environments that are strewn across the beltway in the Metro DC region.  We wanted to cultivate a local, walk-to-work mentality, where people would have a bit of the ‘third place’ to find their passion. Continue reading The ABCs of Maga: A is for “All-Nighter”

Map O’ The Day #160 – WHO H1N1 Maps


I created todays map of the day from the 5 most recent maps provided at the World Health Organization’s web site. The descriptions of the scale of measurments are shown in the bottom right corner of each map, denoted by an *.

You can follow their latest disease and outbreak news including the H1N1 feed, here.