Sea Air Space: Rethinking Acquisition

In preparation for the Defense sector event, Sea Air Space Expo, Maga Design partnered with Herren Associates to rethink the infamous DOD 5000 Acquisition Process. The result is our Rethink Acquisition: Focus on Outcomes vs. Outputs. We showcased the map at the Sea Air Space (SAS) Expo last week and sparked ideas, inspiration, and meaningful discussions on on agile acquisition, innovation, and sequestration with defense industry leaders.

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Are Faces Maps of Emotion?

Work is never just about work.  It is also, more importantly, about the people you work with.  At Maga Design we’ve been lucky, even blessed, to work with many special and talented people.  Juraj, one of our senior designers, epitomizes the best of our culture.  He is a great designer and an even greater person.

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Loosen Up!

As a college student, the perks around the office are one of the many reasons that Maga is a great place to be an intern. A waiting pot of coffee, a fridge stocked with drinks, and the wide open space of our studio all make me more than happy to ditch my dorm room for the day a few times a week.

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