Top Searches, Up to the Minute

Google is very fond of their visualizations, from their special doodles that pay tribute to the history of a day to silly tricks embedded in their search function (type “do a barrel roll” into a search). Another thing the company is fond of is their data. They track search data for a variety of functions such as targeted advertisements or tailored search results.

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Finally, Airless Tires

The days getting a flat tire might finally be over. Vehicle company, Polaris, is now experimenting with a new airless offering. The military has been trying out the new tire design for off-roading, but now some of the bigger tire companies like Michelin and Bridgestone are also working on similar designs. It’s about time they hit the market!

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Metro HotCars: Dating Forward

If you live in Washington, DC, you’re familiar with an unpleasant summer phenomenon – the metro “hotcar”, when the air conditioning in a metro car is broken, creating a steamy, sweaty, messy commute.

Kyle Conrad, an interactive designer, took this unpleasant situation and created a spoof website: Metro Hotcars: Dating Forward. The site presents Hotcars as an opportunity to meet your mate while commuting.

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Sea Air Space: Rethinking Acquisition

In preparation for the Defense sector event, Sea Air Space Expo, Maga Design partnered with Herren Associates to rethink the infamous DOD 5000 Acquisition Process. The result is our Rethink Acquisition: Focus on Outcomes vs. Outputs. We showcased the map at the Sea Air Space (SAS) Expo last week and sparked ideas, inspiration, and meaningful discussions on on agile acquisition, innovation, and sequestration with defense industry leaders.

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Warm Weather!

The weather has finally stopped trying to cling to the idea of winter and has blessed us with some sun and heat; with Wednesday’s 91-degree heat breaking a 91 year-old record for D.C. The change in temperature doesn’t only change the fashion but also the conversation, because after months of trying to ignore the dreary weather, now everyone wants to talk about what’s going on outside. Continue reading Warm Weather!