Sea Air Space: Rethinking Acquisition

In preparation for the Defense sector event, Sea Air Space Expo, Maga Design partnered with Herren Associates to rethink the infamous DOD 5000 Acquisition Process. The result is our Rethink Acquisition: Focus on Outcomes vs. Outputs. We showcased the map at the Sea Air Space (SAS) Expo last week and sparked ideas, inspiration, and meaningful discussions on on agile acquisition, innovation, and sequestration with defense industry leaders.

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Traveling Abroad? Consult this Map First.

Until recently, the State Department‘s ‘Travel Alerts‘ functioned as one of the few resources available to citizens interested in gauging the security level of international destinations. In an increasingly globalized world, timely, accurate, consolidated information of any location, at any given moment is extraordinarily difficult to come by. As a result, the State Department undertook the responsibility of protecting and assisting Americans living and traveling abroad — leveraging information acquired by their organization and network of federal agencies.

That said, a recent Atlantic article highlighted another, intriguing source (that’s more our style) — an interactive map developed by Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

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Evaluating the District’s Infrastructure

Keeping our systems and infrastructure maintained and running is vital to modern life.  The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) conducts evaluations on different types of infrastructure to determine what needs to be updated, rebuilt, etc.  They recently came out with this report on Washington, D.C.’s infrastructure. Continue reading Evaluating the District’s Infrastructure

The President’s Call for 3D-Printing

On Tuesday night during his State of the Union speech, President Obama outlined his views for the future of the economy and America’s foreign policy as expected. What may have come as a surprise was how he jumped aboard the bandwagon of a technology that is revolutionizing the future of design.

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