Map O’ The Day #55 – IDEO Business Cards

Check out this draft concept for a business card which helps people identify and characterize those they are associated with. The proposed card uses Bluetooth technology to track a person’s movement & spoken activity during a meeting, which is then recorded and displayed.

I’d be very interested to see this concept furthered, potentially into areas such as human networking, past achievements, and individual skill sets. However, I could see such an upfront visibility into one’s behavior, that it may neutralize some of the stagecraft aspect of the workplace.

Without a doubt though, if properly innovated, this proposed tool would help one to navigate towards outcomes!

Map O’ The Day #30 – Transportation


Today’s Map O’ the Day is all about “getting around”, or the different modes of transportation and some usage statistics regarding the select types. It was designed by the folks at International Networks Archive, a group out of Princeton University and presents some pretty interesting statistics including my favorite tidbit: the fact that the rise of mega yachts has been 214% since 1996.

A neat aspect of this presentation is the use of actual transportation methods to display the information.