Loosen Up!

As a college student, the perks around the office are one of the many reasons that Maga is a great place to be an intern. A waiting pot of coffee, a fridge stocked with drinks, and the wide open space of our studio all make me more than happy to ditch my dorm room for the day a few times a week.

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Maga’s Twenty Thirteen State of the Union

This Friday, February 8th is an exciting milestone for Maga. Not only is the company’s leadership delivering our annual State of the Union — a yearly reflection of goals and strategic plans — but we’re fortunate to have the majority of Magateers from San Francisco, Charleston, Mechanicsburg and Annapolis in attendance!

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Maga + Design Thinking DC

Our DC studio recently became big fans of the experience innovation and business collaboration meet up group, Design Thinking DC. This past Wednesday, Chris, Olivia and I attended their event in the creative web design agency, ncluds‘ awesome space downtown.

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