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Interactive Books – “Resonate” by Nancy Duarte

Here at Maga, are always looking for innovative ways to communicate.  Nancy Duarte has written two books about effective methods of communication: “Slideology” and her newest volume, “Resonate.”  Now, “Resonate” is being published as an interactive book built for iPad, built entirely in the Apple software iBooks Author, according to MarketWatch.The interactive book creates a much richer and encompassing experience – for example, you can interact with spark lines:

Images that are static in the print copy become animated – a resonance graphic has sound and video in the iBook version.  Here is a youtube demonstration of the iBook.  If you have an iPad, you can preview the book through iTunes.

This demonstrates a whole new way of learning and reading, where you interact with the material with multiple senses at once – touch, see, hear.  It is easy to imagine how interactive books like this could be a huge game changer in education.

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