Maga’s Offsite: to the Woodwind and Beyond!

This past Friday, our company convened in Annapolis — traveling from San Francisco, Charleston, Mechanicsburg, New York.. and of course Washington, DC — for a day of reflection, strategic planning and celebration of the progress Maga’s various teams have made.

We began the day with the always popular, ‘what one object would you pick if you were stranded on a desert island’ activity. One of our designers, Julian, won the most practical award, with his choice of ‘mirror.’ But the other Magateers attempted to make the case that any of the options below would be equally vital, if not simply more entertaining…

The remainder of presentations involved a backtrack of the company’s trajectory over the past five years, a review of our State of the Union objectives / current outcomes and an evaluation of our internal ecosystem — with exciting updates from the Charleston and Mechanicsburg offices. While we’ve grown to love the intimacy that Fuze creates for allowing remote co-workers to videoconference into the office, having the opportunity to brainstorm together in the same room (for a change!) was incredibly rewarding.

The hard work of the morning’s presentations was rewarded with an afternoon sail around Annapolis on the Schooner Woodwind (yes, the same incredible yacht that appeared in Wedding Crashers). It’s safe to say we already can’t wait for an occasion to have another offsite…


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