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Protecting Our Information Online

One of the biggest annoyances of internet and technology use is keeping track of numerous accounts and passwords.  While sites recommend that you create a unique alphanumeric password for every single site you use requiring a password, few people have the ability create, let alone remember this type of password.  Many of us just use the same one and hope our accounts aren’t hacked.

We all know how important it is to keep our information secure, lest our credit cards be used without our knowledge or even worse, our identities be stolen.  That said, securing our information online to that degree is frankly just too big of a hassle.

Enter Dashlane.  The New York Times reviewed this service, which keeps track of all your passwords for you.  It will even create new ones for you, and then remember them.  All of your secure information is stored on your computer’s hard drive, and is then accessible only with one master password.

There is even the option of double security to thwart computer thieves wherein Dashlane will require both a password and the entry of a code texted to your phone.  Though you would still have to remember the one master password (and potentially endure the hassle of a two-step entry system), all of your passwords and other information such as payment methods and addresses are stored securely in one place.

Best of all, there are mobile versions of the service so that you can have the same level of security on your smartphone or tablet.  There are downsides, however – apparently Dashlane (and all other similar services) do not work with the Safari browser on an iPhone, and the company also recently implemented an annual fee.  That said, $20 per year may be a small sum to pay for the price of security and protection.

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