Silent Sort

There is a project management tool called silent sort that helps team members organize, visualize and reach a consensus on topics and ideas.  It’s a very visual way of approaching problems and we at Maga are fans of the entire process.  It allows people to have equal say on hot topics and can be used to address the concerns of everyone.

At a company meeting we typically have a graphic recorder come and map out different ideas, concepts or internal Maga items that are going on so every team member can get a good idea of the big picture of the company, what is going on, and the grand scale of the concept/idea we are discussing.  It is important for each member to know what is going on, company concepts we want to discuss, and where everyone is at with client work. It is important that every member of the team be heard and get to contribute to the discussion. This is where silent sort comes in.

For silent sort, each individual receives a few post-it notes and a marker.  There are many different ways to utilize this tool depending on what you want to discuss or know.  it can also be easily changed for specific circumstances.  A few examples include having a team member number the post-its and place one over each idea on the board to get a sense of how each person prioritizes a concept.  You can have members write down suggestions and place them on different concepts for more input and team insights.  You can even have people write down questions as an analymous way to address an issue or delicate subject.

We think visualizations are key to a good work environment and encourage participation from everyone from the CEO to the interns.

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