Summertime Entertainment

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Ice cream trucks? Catching up on movies? Road trips? Us too… which naturally makes us think of Entertainment Promotions – a client we recently worked with to develop an exciting marketing/fundraising campaign. The versatile project with Entertainment gave Maga one of its first chances to impact a national campaign with an extensive demographic.

Over the past 50 years Entertainment Promotions has introduced a wide range of offerings including: coupon books that provide discounts to an array of summertime (or anytime!) activities, gift wrap and innovative membership programs. That said, one of the most impressive aspects of Entertainment has consistently been their unique fundraising endeavors. Throughout the company’s history, Entertainment has often been a first-mover in this space by developing fundraising schemes based on creative partnerships. The Entertainment Fundraising Group’s efforts have resulted in over $2.5 Billion raised by a variety of organizations such as non-profits, schools and charities in North America who utilized customizable offerings and strategic, interactive incentives.


Maga stepped in this year to help with their latest campaign which required both marketing and fundraising collateral. This was a fun opportunity for Maga to generate a set of material for an incredibly diverse audience – from merchants, to chairpeople to families. The purpose of the material we created was to help their respective users navigate new opportunities in order to optimize training and, ultimately, the success of their sales. For example, our team developed an ‘Entertainment Board Game’ for schools to customize as a way to incentivize families to participate in fundraising. The game is a great demonstration of how Entertainment’s fundraising initiatives go beyond simply raising money – the company thinks carefully about ways fundraising can help participants gain other skills and opportunities. Our game created an opportunity for children to interact with parents on a unique project while learning the importance of setting and fulfilling goals (a few great prizes along the way didn’t hurt either!).

So if you happen to be in the market for some summer activity savings, we encourage you to check out what has in store for you – and your organization!

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