Sundae Funday

Everyone loves an ice cream sundae, especially when the temperatures outside are up in the 90s. We were surprised this morning at the D.C. studio by a gift from our friends at Windows Catering, a whole kit of ice cream toppings and cones. With one tub of chocolate and another of vanilla, we were set for an afternoon snack.

Some prefer hot fudge to caramel sauce, some will use the colored sprinkles while others will opt for the chocolate chips, but almost everyone enjoys ice cream. The United States is the largest consumer of ice cream in the world, both in total and on a per capita basis. American’s love their frozen treats, and the average consumption is just under 7 gallons a year per person.

7 gallons is a lot of ice cream.

Check out the visualition below from Visual.ly that shows the countries where ice cream is the most popular. The United States predictably has the top spot. Denmark was surprising – it seems like it is already cold enough up there.  

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