Evaluating the District’s Infrastructure

Keeping our systems and infrastructure maintained and running is vital to modern life.  The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) conducts evaluations on different types of infrastructure to determine what needs to be updated, rebuilt, etc.  They recently came out with this report on Washington, D.C.’s infrastructure. Continue reading Evaluating the District’s Infrastructure

Map O’ The Day #34 – The World Of Science Fiction


This graphic, from Stephanie Fox, via i09.com, lays out a portion of the science fiction community. She uses a coloring system to show which medium the character(s) originated from, (TV, Book, Comics, and Video Games.)

She furthers the impact by using color to determine it’s creative origin: Marvel, DC, Image or Other. But she wasn’t finished with two variables describing creator and medium, because as she draws connections in the science fiction world, she uses different lines styles to show the frequency and type of encounter between connected parties.

This map, while not that visually appealing, demonstrates a principle that Maga Design firmly employs, that of multivariate analysis, meaning, a collection of procedures which involve observation and analysis of more than one statistical variable at a time. It’s apparent that Fox understands that presenting multiple informative elements about a subject can contribute towards creating insights.