Whole Brain Problem-Solving

“Successful solutions are based on the powerful principle that resolution occurs by fostering the positive, not by attacking the negative… One basic principle has the power to resolve problems: Support the solution instead of attacking the suppose causes…. The way to finesse a high-energy solution is to seek the answer that will make all sides happy and still be practical. Such solutions involve utilization of both the tolerant right brain as well as the judgmental left brain.”

- David Hawkins, from his amazing book "Power Vs. Force"

7 Tips for Great Graphic Recording

Tuesday at Maga, Jim Nuttle led our graphic recorders and designers in a mock graphic recording session, using TED Talks for powerful content as inspiration.  The experience and ensuing discussion led us to curate a collection of tips for graphic recording. Continue reading 7 Tips for Great Graphic Recording

Today at Maga: Graphic Recording Practice Session

Graphic Recording is a practice Maga employs in its mapping engagements to facilitate the visual storytelling that is central to our Maps.  We had our own Graphic Recording practice session where we all tried our hand at Graphic Recording.  Here are some photos from the session. Continue reading Today at Maga: Graphic Recording Practice Session