Touchscreen Toy Box, Source The NPD Group

The Consequences of Child-Friendly Touchscreens

As the range of touchscreen offerings grows, there is no doubt that most adults are aware of, or interact with the resulting increase of advertising. But what about children? WSJ’s Anton Troianovski published an article today that draws attention to the somewhat disconcerting reality of an overwhelming number of children who currently access mobile devices and, subsequently, are vulnerable to advertising.

The article referenced data compiled by the NPD Group (shown below) which determined that, on average, children begin accessing smart devices at age 7. While smartphones and tablets certainly offer a plethora of academic applications, Troianovski covered the influx of US food firms who have taken advantage of the opportunity to develop touchscreen games which function as an incredibly powerful advertising medium. The fact that food firms such as Kraft and Wrigley have jumped into the touchscreen space at full force is concerning in light of the nation’s childhood obesity epidemic.








Like it or not, smart devices represent a new frontier of advertising, a frontier that provides a greater level of interaction than ever before. That said, the true effects that this trend will have on children remains to be seen…


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