The “You Decide” Election

With the 2012 Republic National Convention wrapping up, the Democratic National Convention gearing up, and Hurricane Isaac still hitting the Gulf Coast, the election coverage continues to gain momentum.

The big question:  Who will win?  Will Obama be re-elected to another 4 years in the Oval Office, or will he be upstaged by Mitt Romney his running mate, Paul Ryan?  If you’re as politics-obsessed as we are Washington, DC, you probably want to be able to access the newest commentary and analyses at the tap of a screen. With the newest election apps for iPad, Android and Facebook, you can create your own forecasts, keep track of red and blue states, and determine how campaign advertisements are being funded and by who.  To help out we have collected five apps to help you dive into the deep end of the election coverage.

1.  “You Decide 2012 Map“- an iPad app from Fox news that allows the user to designate states as democrat, republican, leaning or toss up to keep tally on the total votes.

2.  “WP Politics“- an app from the Washington Post that compiles graphs, polling data, and footage from the campaign trail.

3.  “Ad Hawk“- an app for iOS and Android devices, when you hear a campaign commercial just activate this app and it will tell you what groups sponsored the ad, the money spent or received on the ad, and where to get more information.

4. “I’m Voting“- a Facebook application from CNN allowing users to voice political opinions on their Facebook timelines and encourages Facebook users to vote.

5.  “Vote!!!“- A completely non-serious iOS game where Obama and Romney face off in crazy costumes in a battle in front of the White House for presidency.

With so much election coverage out there, what apps do you use?

Images courtesy of: Mashable, Mashable, The Sunlight Foundation & Epic Games 


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