Interactive Travel Warning Map

Traveling Abroad? Consult this Map First.

Until recently, the State Department‘s ‘Travel Alerts‘ functioned as one of the few resources available to citizens interested in gauging the security level of international destinations. In an increasingly globalized world, timely, accurate, consolidated information of any location, at any given moment is extraordinarily difficult to come by. As a result, the State Department undertook the responsibility of protecting and assisting Americans living and traveling abroad — leveraging information acquired by their organization and network of federal agencies.

That said, a recent Atlantic article highlighted another, intriguing source (that’s more our style) — an interactive map developed by Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

The clickable map provides foreign affairs status, specific regional warnings and links for more information for every country.

Interactive Travel Warnings

For reference, the Atlantic¬†generated a map of all State Department travel warnings in effect as of last September. They include the observation that while popular travel destinations such as Israel and Mexico appear on the list, other seemingly equally dangerous locations don’t:

It’s not entirely clear why Brazil isn’t on the list. The country has one of the¬†highest homicide rates per capita in the world, according to UNODC statistics. The State Department has published plenty of other warnings about vacationing there, including scary descriptions of “quicknappings” around banks and ATMs.

US Travel Warnings, source: The Atlantic


Despite the discrepancy between the two sources, we still think presenting this critical information in map form is incredibly valuable. We recommend reviewing them before your next adventure abroad!

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