Warm Weather!

The weather has finally stopped trying to cling to the idea of winter and has blessed us with some sun and heat; with Wednesday’s 91-degree heat breaking a 91 year-old record for D.C. The change in temperature doesn’t only change the fashion but also the conversation, because after months of trying to ignore the dreary weather, now everyone wants to talk about what’s going on outside.

And though the Weather Channel app on your phone might dictate whether you should be wearing shorts, pants, or bringing an umbrella, Forecast.io will give you more weather info than you could ever need.

The site is quite visually appealing, a lot less cluttered than something like The Weather Network’s site, with no ads and a slick interface. Users can quickly see the development of storm systems through on a dynamic map that shows 10 days worth of cloud movement and development. It can be viewed from a worldwide scale all the way down to the Washington area.

Forecast.io’s radar shows storm development around the world.

Another cool feature is the Time Machine, which gives users a quick way to see what the weather was like any time, any where in the world, at any time. So now I know that on January 27th, 1992, the night I came into the world, (Redskins fans: Yes, I’m a curse) it was a cool 33 degrees outside, with a light breeze coming from the Southeast.

So whether you’re looking to see what the weather was like on any day in the past or just a cool way to watch the storms develop, check out Forecast.

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